The Heat Is Online

The Heat Is Online

The Climate Movement and the Liabilities of Hope

* Warming oceans are losing oxygen, suffocating marine life  (Jan. 2018)

* 2018 was second hottest year on record -- hottest without El Nino  (Jan. 2018)

* The warming is faster, more extreme than scientists anticipated  (Dec. 2017)

Climate change is not just another issue in this complicated world of proliferating issues. It is the issue which, unchecked, will swamp all other issues.

* Ocean warming is making sea turtles female  (Jan. 2018)

* Worst-case warming scenario seen as most likely  (Dec. 2017)

* News media ignored climate change in its hurricane coverage  (Dec. 2017)

* Warming makes more Hurricane Harveys three times more likely  (Dec. 2017)

* Volcanic eruptions increase with warming  (Dec. 2017)

* New CO2 concentrations not seen for 3 million years  (Oct. 2017)

* Arctic sea ice melting faster than any time in last 1500 years  (Dec. 2017)

* Crumbling Antarctic glaciers threaten to inundate the world's coastal cities   (Dec. 2017)

* Global fossil fuel burning sets new record  (Nov. 2017)

* Warming is changing bird migration patterns  (Dec. 2017)

* 2017 was the hottest (non-El Nino) year on record  (Nov. 2017)

* Trump, Congress scuttle satellite sea-ice surveillance program  (Nov. 2017)

* Trump administration to double down on carbon fuels at UN climate conference  (Nov. 2017)

* Scientists alarmed by the rapid pace of ocean warming  (Oct. 2017)

* Trump appoints an "army" of climate deniers  (Oct. 2017)

* EPA muzzles scientists  on climate change  (Oct. 2017)

* NASA:  CO2 spike from tropical forests is biggest in 2,000 years  (Oct. 2017)

* Coal baron:  "The earth has cooled for the last 19 years."  (Oct. 2017)

* Pentagon defies President Trump's order to halt climate planning activities   (Sept. 2017)

* A 100-square-mile iceberg splits from Antarctica  (Sept. 2017)

* Are megastorms like Irma and Harvey the "new normal"?  (Sept. 2017)

* Hotter soil leads to hotter climate  (Oct. 2017)

* Ocean heating provides quickes guide to determine human-induced warming  (Septl. 2017)

* Heat has killed more people in 30 years than storms, floods and hurricanes  (Sept. 2017)

* Record-setting wildfires scorch the western U.S.  (Sept. 2017)

* Twenty years of organized climate denial fueled Harvey and Irma  (Sept. 2017)

* 1,200 corporations plan to support a price on carbon  (Sept. 2017)

* National Assessment contains dire forecast  (Aug. 2017)

* "Cooler Heads Coalition" pushed Trump to exit Paris climate agreement   (Sept. 2017)

* Annual global fossil fuel subsidies top $5 trillion  (Aug. 2017)

2016 -- a year of broken records

* Massive chunk of Larsen C ice shelf fractures  (July, 2017)

* Sea levels are rising three times faster than in 1990  (May, 2017)

* Wildfires in US plains tripled over last 30 years  (June, 2017)

* CO2 concentrations hit record 410 parts per million   (April, 2017)

* As the climate becomes more unstable, media coverage craters   (March, 2017)

* Humans are forcing the climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces  (Feb. 2017)

* Warming is making our world both wetter and drier  (March 2017)

* Warming waters have killed large sections of Australia's Great Barrier Reef  (March, 2017)

* Emotional health becoming a worldwide casualty of climate change  (Feb. 2017)

* Scientists see much earlier sudden North Atlantic cooling  (Feb. 2017)

* CO2 "new normal" not seen for 3 million years: WMO (Oct. 2016)


* Arctic melting is causing "super cold" winters in eastern US and UK  (Oct. 2016)

* Warming is polarizing the climate (not just the people)  (Sept. 2016)

* NASA:  earth is warming faster than at any time in the last 1,000 years  (Aug. 2016)

* Oil and coal emissions have postponed the next ice age for at least 50,000 years  (Jan. 2016)

* Extreme weather has fueled a quarter of the world's recent conflicts  (July, 2016)


* Hurtling pace of Arctic meltdown stuns scientists  (July, 2016)

* Big oil plays a Shell game with our future  (May, 2015)

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* Warmth is causing ticks to wake earler, spread further  (May, 2015)

* Special Report: From the climate scientists  50 shades of grief  (Jan. 2015)

* WAIS sheds one "Mt. Everest" every two years  (Dec. 2014)

* Geoengineering "fixes" could harm billions of people -- study  (Nov. 2014)

GLOBAL SOLUTION: Rewiring the World with Clean Energy**

* Insurers drop coverage as climate impacts spread  (Oct. 2014)

* Pentagon again issues security alarm about climate change  (Oct. 2014)

                                                                    "Beyond the Point of No Return"

* Oceans becoming acidified 10 times faster than 56 million years ago (June. 2014)

* Warming waters trigger largest marine migrations in two million years  (May, 2014)

* 2 degrees C too hot by half:  scientists (Dec. 2013)

 "Moral Leadership In The Greenhouse"

* NASA ANIMATION:  131 years of planetary heating in 26 seconds (Jan. 2012)

* Oceans have stored more heat than they released since 1993  (May, 2010)