The Heat Is Online

The Heat Is Online


* 2011-2015:  hottest five year stretch on record  (Nov. 2015)

* Warming is driving many bird species toward the poles (Nov. 2015)

* Greenland opens new "floodgate" into the ocean  (Nov. 2015)


* Of 24 weather disasters in 2014, half were driven by global warming  (Nov. 2015)

* CO2 levels hit 30th consecutive annual rise  (Nov. 2015)

* Exxon knew about catastrophic climat impacts in 1977    (Sept. 2015)

* Warming waters drive collapse of North Atlantic cod population  (Oct. 2015)

* Miami, New Orleans will inevitably be submerged  (Oct. 2015)

* BP, initial booster of climate action, is now biggest obstructionist: study  (Sept. 2015)

* Warming intensified the 1-in-1000-year flooding in South Carolina (Oct. 2015)

* UN predicts 50 million climate refugees in the next 10 years  (Sept. 2015)

* Climate change will yield a new, very different world   (Sept. 2015)

* Earth has entered a new era of mass extinction   (June, 2015)

* NASA may have underestimated the speed of sea level rise  (Aug. 2015)

* Report warns of warming-driven terrorism, failed states (July, 2014)

* Scientists document a slowdown in the North Atlantic circulation   (March, 2015)

* Drought cuts trees' carbon storage capacity  (July, 2015)

* IMF:  carbon fuels are being subsidized at the rate of $10 million per minute     (May, 2015)

* Big oil plays a Shell game with our future  (May, 2015)

* Warming is shrinking the range of pollinating bees  (July 2015)

* Scientists foresee largest ocean migration in three million years  (June, 2015)

* Hurricanes are becoming fewer -- but more intense   (May, 2015)

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* Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf faces imminent collapse  (May, 2015)

* Thawing Arctic soils contain 10 times more CO2  than atmosphere (April, 2015)

* Warmth is causing ticks to wake earler, spread further  (May, 2015)

* Political payoffs yield massive coal, oil and gas subsidies  (May, 2015)


* Climate change is disrupting bird migrations   (May, 2015)

* IPCC author: two degree rise is "unacceptable  (March, 2015)

* Climate change drives 75 percent of all heat waves:  scientists  (April, 2015)

* Big coal and big oil continue to defy the science  (April, 2015)

* Scientists find rapid thinning of East Antarctic Ice Sheet   (March, 2015)

* Warming "pause" likely to give way to warming "acceleration"   (Feb. 2015)

* Winter Arctic sea ice is smallest on record   (March. 2015)

* Warming-driven drought fueled Syrian chaos: study (March, 2015)

* Special Report: From the climate scientists  50 shades of grief  (Jan. 2015)

* 2014 claims title as hottest year on record   (Jan. 2015)

* Warming is disrupting critical ecological timing  (Jan. 2015)

Requiem for All the Children

* Study collapses CO2 - warming timelag to a decade  (Dec. 2014)

* WAIS sheds one "Mt. Everest" every two years  (Dec. 2014)

* Geoengineering "fixes" could harm billions of people -- study  (Nov. 2014)

GLOBAL SOLUTION: Rewiring the World with Clean Energy**

* Ex-BP Chief to big oil and big coal:  climate change threatens your existence  (Nov. 2014)

* US public divided:  are climate disasters natural or divine (Nov. 2014)

* PTSD: the hidden human impact of our changing climate  (Oct. 2014)

* Melting Arctic sea ice may be driving more frigid northern winters: study  (Oct. 2014)

* Insurers drop coverage as climate impacts spread  (Oct. 2014)

* Pentagon again issues security alarm about climate change  (Oct. 2014)

* EIA: global oil use to jump 38% by 2040   (Sept. 2014)

* Intensifying downpours are now the"new normal" -- scientists  (Aug. 2014)

* Tibetan glaciers warmer than any time in past 2,000 years  (Aug. 2014)

                                                                    "Beyond the Point of No Return"

* Oceans becoming acidified 10 times faster than 56 million years ago (June. 2014)

* Warming waters trigger largest marine migrations in two million years  (May, 2014)

"Not an Act of God" -- (an op-ed about Hurricane Sandy)

* Meltdown of major Antarctic glacier is "unstoppable" -- study   (May, 2014)

* Geoengineering can not limit man-made warming:  studies  (Dec. 2013)

* 2 degrees C too hot by half:  scientists (Dec. 2013)

* Scientists: widespread annual drought set to become the 'new normal'   (Aug. 2012)

* US newspapers lead the world in climate denial  (Oct. 2012)

 "Moral Leadership In The Greenhouse"

* NASA ANIMATION:  131 years of planetary heating in 26 seconds (Jan. 2012)

* Oceans have stored more heat than they released since 1993  (May, 2010)