The Heat Is Online

The Heat Is Online

GLOBAL SOLUTION: Rewiring the World with Clean Energy**

* Annual goose migration  aborted by Alaskan warming  (Oct. 2014)

* PTSD:  the hidden human impact of our changing climate  (Oct. 2014)

* Melting Arctic sea ice may be driving more frigid northern winters: study  (Oct. 2014)

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* IPCC foresees "serious, pervasive and irreversible" impacts  (Oct. 2014)

* Mountain goats shrink as temperature rises   (Oct. 2014)

* Insurers drop coverage as climate impacts spread  (Oct. 2014)

* How Middle East warming  helped create conditions for ISIS  (Oct. 2014)

* Pentagon again issues security alarm about climate change  (Oct. 2014)

* Big oil and big coal hide climate risks from investors  (Oct. 2014)

* Fish may never adapt to rising CO2 -- study  (Oct. 2014)

* Five studies tie Australia's record heat waves to man-made warming   (Sept. 2014)

* Dark Greenland snow on verge of triggering "cascading feedback loop(Sept. 2014)

* 2014 on track to become hottest year on record  (Sept. 2014)

* Proposed Texas textbooks:  "no human influence on the climate"  (Sept. 2014)

* EIA: global oil use to jump 38% by 2040   (Sept. 2014)

* 2013 a record year for CO2, methane emissions   (Sept. 2014)

* Scientists foresee 30-year megadrought in southwestern US  (Aug;. 2014)

* Intensifying downpours are now the"new normal" -- scientists  (Aug. 2014)

* Tibetan glaciers warmer than any time in past 2,000 years  (Aug. 2014)

* Arctic warming found to trigger more weather extremes   (Aug. 2014)

* Mediterranean birds, bugs invade Britain   (Aug. 2014)

* Warming-driven trade winds intensify California drought, sea level rise  (Aug. 2014)

                                                                    "Beyond the Point of No Return"

* Ten PR firms declare that climate denial is bad business   (Aug. 2014)

* Oil company seeks government help to fend off sea level rise  (July, 2014)

* 2013record levels of Arctic temperatures, GHGs, sea level rise and ocean warming  (July, 2014)

* BBC told to stop giving air time to climate deniers  (July, 2014)

* Study: belief trumps facts -- even for those who know the facts   (July, 2014)

* Doctors:  climate change is impacting peoples' physical and mental  health (July, 2014)

* Many museums, fearing controversy, punt on human-driven warming  (June, 2014)

* Climate-driven mass migrations are happening now study (June, 2014)

* Warming-driven forest fires seen accelerating Greenland meltdown  (June, 2014)

* Oceans becoming acidified 10 times faster than 56 million years ago (June. 2014)

* Obama plan would cut coal plant emissions 30 percent below 2005 levels by 2030  (June, 2014)

* Woods Hole, leading climate research institute, now working for oil companies  (May. 2014)

* Warming waters trigger largest marine migrations in two million years  (May, 2014)

"Not an Act of God" -- (an op-ed about Hurricane Sandy)

* Wyoming nixes education on human influence on the climate  (May, 2014)

* US Military:  warming is now a "global conflict catalyst"  (May, 2014)

* Meltdown of major Antarctic glacier is "unstoppable" -- study   (May, 2014)

* Report warns of climate-fueled cascading system breakdowns  (March. 2014)

* Warming is progressing faster than any time in history:  NAS, Royal Society (Feb. 2014)

* Geoengineering can not limit man-made warming:  studies  (Dec. 2013)

* 2 degrees C too hot by half:  scientists (Dec. 2013


* Scientists: widespread annual drought set to become the 'new normal'   (Aug. 2012)

* US newspapers lead the world in climate denial  (Oct. 2012)

 "Moral Leadership In The Greenhouse"

* NASA ANIMATION:  131 years of planetary heating in 26 seconds (Jan. 2012)

* Oceans have stored more heat than they released since 1993  (May, 2010)