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Iran flood -- April, 1998

"Iran flood toll hits 84; rail to Turkmenistan cut," Reuters, April 15, 1998

TEHRAN - The death toll in a week of flooding across Iran has risen to 84, state-run Tehran radio said on Wednesday.

It said the floods, caused by the heaviest rains in the past 30 years, caused damage estimated at around 292 billion rials ($97.3 million) in nine provinces ranging from southwestern Iran to the northeast.

The floods damaged many roads, 85,000 hectares (212,000 acres) of farmland, 11,200 homes and killed more than 7,600 cattle, the radio said.

The casualties included some 55 people killed in a village destroyed by a landslide.

Heavy rains in the northeast caused the Tajan river, on the border with Turkmenistan, to overflow. It destroyed bridges and part of a railway connecting Iran to the former Soviet republic and the rest of Central Asia, the Iranian news agency IRNA said.

The flooding also seriously damaged 1,000 houses in the Sarakhs region, being developed by Iran as a free trade zone to boost commercial ties with Central Asia, the agency said. ($1=3,000 rials) < /FONT>

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