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Hundreds die in Flooding in West Timor, Colombia

More die in West Timor flooding

The Weather Channel,, May 22, 2000

The death toll continues to rise in West Timor, after another round of monsoon rains drenched the Indonesian island.

Jake Morland, a spokesman for the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees said that more than 148 people have been killed in the flooding, a number that is likely to rise as the rains continue. Two people drowned as they tried to cross a river in the Belu region, which is just west of the East Timor-Indonesian border, he said.

"The damage to the area is horrific," said Morland from the West Timor capital, Kupang. "So many people are in up to their knees in mud."

Helicopters have airlifted rice and other food staples to approximately 20,000 people, but many more are still in need of supplies. Many people are trapped, as bridges were washed away in the floods.

Morland said thousands scrambled to reach the food, and many scuffles ensued as the limited supplies were dropped.

Floods kill 11 in Colombia

Torrential rains in southern and eastern Columbia have killed at least 11 people and washed away more than 100 homes, local media reported Sunday.

At least 90 homes were destroyed in eastern Santander province, and 50 more in southern Putumayo province, after the river which borders Colombia and Ecuador burst its banks.

Muddy water inundated the streets and rose as high as car windows in Pasto, capital of the southern Narino province. Meteorologists are forecasting more rain in the coming week for the already hard-hit areas.

Reuters Limited and the Associated Press contributed to this report.