The Heat Is Online

Multimedia Presentation

The 10-minute multimedia presentation is intended to offer -- in graphic and abbreviated form -- some of the major points of The Heat Is On. It illustrates recent examples of our newly unstable climate. It touches on the basic science underlying climatic instability. It details some of the ecological, medical and economic consequences of climate change. It explores the denial and resistance to change by the fossil fuel lobby. It hints at the outlines of a solution which could dramatically increase the amount of wealth and equity in the global economy -- even as it begins to pacify our inflamed climate. And it identifies a moral challenge for all of us.

Download the RealPlayer(To view the multimedia presentation you will need to download and install the FREE RealPlayer G2. It takes approximately 14 minutes to download the installation executable on a 28.8 connection.)

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The narrative is excerpted from a longer, more comprehensive annotated overview by Ross Gelbspan. To read or download the full text presentation, go to the Overview section of this Web site.