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Chinese Typhoon Kills 73, Leaves 87 Missing

Deadly typhoon rakes China,
June 25, 2001

Crews in China are doing what they can to prevent further loss in the wake of Typhoon Chebi. The storm struck south China's Fujian and Zhejiang provinces on Saturday night, killing 73 people. Eighty-seven others are missing.

Chebi reportedly crumbled houses and brought down power lines and trees. Heavy rains on Saturday night and Sunday flooded tens of thousands of acres of farmland, destroying tons of grain.

The storm also wreaked havoc over water. It blew two 10,000-ton ships from their moorings, and sank others. Many of the people reported missing were crew members of ships submerged during the storm.

Damage in Fujian was estimated at $425 million, according to state-run China News Service.

Before making landfall in China on Saturday night, Chebi hit Taiwan earlier in the day, killing nine people. With winds of 75 mph, it also caused flight cancellations and mountain road closures.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.