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Haitian Downpours Kill 10

Torrential Rains in Haiti Kill 10

The Associated Press, May 28, 2002

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti -- Torrential rains pounded Haiti for a fourth day Monday, causing flooding and landslides and killing at least 10 people.

Almost 100 people were left homeless in the southern peninsula of this Caribbean nation, officials said. Heavy rains have battered the eroded hills since Friday, carrying away people, their houses and livestock, and destroying fields.

Country roads were cut off and bridges swept away when streams overflowed their banks from Les Cayes, about 95 miles southwest of the capital, to Anse D'Hainault, on the tip of the peninsula, about 140 miles west of the capital.

On Friday, two men drowned when they tried to swim across the swollen river at Port-a-Piment, about 19 miles west of Les Cayes. Others died when their houses, built on eroded river banks, collapsed. Ten bodies were recovered; it is not clear how many others were missing.

The rains are likely to continue until Thursday, said meteorologist Renan Jean-Louis.

Rains also pounded Jamaica this week, causing at least five deaths and widespread damage throughout the central parishes of Clarendon, St. Ann's and St. Catherine. The rains there were expected to continue through Wednesday.

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