The Heat Is Online


· 2001 was 2nd hottest year on record (Dec. 2001)

· Disasters killed 25,000, cost $35 billion in 2001 (Dec. 2001)

· Scientists warm of abrupt climate snap (Dec. 2001)

· October, 2001 was hottest October on record (Nov. 2001)

· Delegates approve Kyoto rules (Nov. 2001)

· Warming found to alter genetic trait in mosquitoes (Nov. 2001)

· Warming-stressed ecosystems at risk of sudden collapse (Oct. 2001)

· Study: Clean Energy Move could create 1 million US jobs, jump GDP by $43 billion in 20 years (Nov. 2001)

· Researchers tell Scientific American Lindzen's work is flawed (Nov. 2001)

· 2018 and counting: Unless half the world's energy comes from non-carbon sources by 2018, atmospheric carbon concentrations will quadruple (Oct. 1998)

· Rise in allergies tied to longer growing seasons, more CO2 (Nov. 2001)

· UNEP: Each 1-degree C. temperature increase will equal a 10 percent loss in tropical crop yields (Nov. 2001)

· Parching four-year Moroccan drought provides backdrop for climate talks (Nov. 2001)

· Worst floods in decades kill 300 in Algeria (Nov. 2001)

· Warming, season changes are disrupting ecological interactions (Oct. 2001)

· Four-year drought threatens Afghan refugees (Oct., Dec. 2001)

· In the Yukon, melting permafrost unearths sacred graves (Oct. 2001)

· Officials issue West Nile Virus alert for most of Florida (Oct. 2001)

· Residents pack up as Tuvalu goes under from rising seas (Aug. 2001)

· World's coral reefs are shrinking at an alarming rate (Sept. 2001)

· Researchers see wind energy cheaper than coal (Aug. 2001)

· Warming threatens US fresh water supplies (Aug. 2001)

· CDC sees doubling of WNV in US in 2001 (July, 2001)

· Congress moves toward emission-cutting laws (July, 2001)

· 178 nations pass weakened Kyoto Pact without U.S. (July, 2001)

· E.U. to pursue Kyoto goals without U.S. (June, July, 2001)

· Poll: Majority of Americans favor conservation, higher energy prices to new exploration (June, 2001)

· China cuts emissions 17 percent while economy grows by 36 percent (June, 2001)

· Penguin populations plummet as oceans warm (June, 2001)

· Many businesses affected by weather extremes, now factor climate change into their plans (June, 2001)

· Nearly 3 feet of rain leaves 20 dead, $2 billion in losses in Houston (June, 2001)

· Catholic Bishops call on US to take lead on climate (June, 2001)

· Shell doubles renewable investment to $1 billion (June, 2001)

· NAS affirms findings of IPCC (June, 2001)

· As Bush's energy plan focuses on oil, coal and nuclear energy, a nationwide poll puts environmental protection above economic growth (May, 2001)

· Mysterious frog decline tied to climate change (April, 2001)

· Two studies link global warming to deep ocean heating (April, 2001)

· EIA: emissions to double by 2020 (April, 2001)

· Bush pulls U.S. out of Kyoto talks (March, 2001)

· Bush caves on CO2 cuts from power plants and outrages Europeans(March, 2001)

· Nature: Study of space gases confirms warming (March, 2001)

· U.N. warns of major climate-driven crop losses (March, 2001)

· Scientists alarmed by changes in the currents in Sea of Japan, (March, 2001)

· IPCC II: Most of earth's people will be "losers" (Feb. 2001) IPCC:Climate changing faster than projected (Jan. 2001)

· GEF sees multi-billion dollar clean energy markets in developing countries (Feb. 2001)

· Drought, climate change will intensify California's short and long-term water and power problems(Feb. 2001)

· Melting Permafrost turning into carbon source (Feb. 2001)

· El Nino intensity linked to warming (Jan. 2001)

· Extreme weather forces record number of U.S.flight delays (Feb. 2001)

· Climate impacts could reach $300 billion a year (Feb. 2001)

· Insurer: Warming will bankrupt global economy by 2065 (Nov. 2000)

· Prime Minister Tony Blair calls on the world to deal with climate change as Britain suffers its worst flooding in at least 273 years (Nov. 2000)

· Ford Chairman: Era of Internal Combustion Engine is Over (October, 2000)

· Spreading European deserts spur refugee migrations (Dec. 2000)

· Warming could cut rice yields by 20% to 100% (Dec. 2000)

· WMO: Heat deaths will double in 20 years (Nov. 2000)

· Climate Change is accelerating by 50 percent (Nov. 2000)

· Covered by ice nine feet thick just six years ago, the North Pole melts

· Diseases Surge as atmosphere warms, (Scientific American, August, 2000)

· Evacuations planned for 40,000 from Duke of York Islands as rising seas threaten inundation (Dec. 2000)

· The simultaneous intense flooding and severe droughts in Asia may signal more profound climate change: WMO expert (October 2000)

· New Zealand offers lifeline when Tuvalu goes under (June, 2000)

· Participants at World Economic Forum vote climate change humanity's greatest challenge (Feb.2000)