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Climate Change Updates: 2005

· Extreme weather in US set 214 new records during 2005 (Dec. 2005)

· New findings intensify alarm over permafrost thaw (Dec. 2005)

· As  Arctic seas warm, blue mussels return after 1,000 year absence (Dec. 2005)

· WMO: 2005 Saw New Level of Weather Extremes (Dec. 2005)

· Amazon rainforest suffers "calamity" from record drought (Dec. 2005)

· US agrees to future non-binding talks at Montreal (Dec. 2005)

· Harlan Watson: ExxonMobil's U.S. voice at the climate talks (Dec. 2005)

· Climate impacts caused a record $200 billion in damages in 2005 (Dec. 2005)

· US oil lobby sabotaging EU Kyoto committments (Dec. 2005)

· Gulf Stream found weakening, threatening more severe winters (Dec. 2005)

· Goldman Sachs calls for regulation of carbon emissions (Nov. 2005)

· CO2 levels unmatched for 650,000 years (Nov. 2005)

· Greenland melting much faster than anticipated (Nov. 2005)

· New Swiss Re report details human, ecological health impacts of climate change (Nov. 2005)  

· Wall Street Journal exonerates Mann's "Hockey Stick" findings (Oct. 2005)

· Arctic meltdown past point of no return? (Oct. 2005)

· 2005 on track to rival 1998 as hottest year on record (Oct., Dec. 2005)

· The worst drought in 40 years hit the Amazon Rainforest, poisoning drinking water supplies, killing fish, drying rivers and triggering outbreaks of wildfires (Oct. 2005)

· Climate change's wide range of impacts on human health (New England Journal of Medicine) (Oct. 2005)

· Accelerating disappearance of Arctic sea ice may trigger feedbacks (Sept. 2005)

· Computer models seen underestimating impacts on weather (Sept. 2005)

· Heatwave of 2003 Cut Crop Yields, Fueled More Warming (Sept. 2005)

·  July, 2005, second warmest in history, spawns record number of named storms (Aug. 2005)

· Siberian thaw terrifies climate scientists who see it as beginning of runaway change (Aug. 2005)

· Indian megastorm drops 37 inches of rain on Mumbai (Bombay), leaves city under water (July, 2005)

· Rate of sea level rise seen doubling (July, 2005)


· Plankton disappearing off US Pacific coast (July, 2005)

· Droughts trigger food shortages in one-sixth of world's nations (July, 2005)

· Study: 20 percent of available wind could meet global electricity demand (May, 2005)

·  Bush Administration scuttles G-8 Climate Initiative (June, 2005)

· Piltz memo details White House tampering with science findings (June, 2005)

·  Former API official altered White House climate science report (June, 2005) Outrage forces his resignation and ExxonMobil hires him. (June. 2005)

· ExxonMobil thumbs its nose at climate change (June, 2005)

· Australia's killer drought prompts a wave of farmer suicides (June. 2005)

· Siberian wildfires up tenfold in 20 years as thawing permafrost dries up Siberian lakes (June, 2005)

· UK CEO's Want Blair to Implement 60 percent cuts (May, 2005)

· Gulf Stream seen slowing in ominous finding (May, 2005)

· Some enviros now endorse "greenhouse friendly" nuclear power (May, 2005)

· Researchers find Mann's climate reconstruction "highly robust" (May, 2005)

· 132 U.S. Mayors vow to meet Kyoto goals (May, 2005)

· Earth has become net importer of heat (April, 2005)

· Climate impacts cost the world $145 billion in 2004 (April, 2004)

· Crops found much more vulnerable to warming (April, 2005)

· Bush Administration uses skeptic to argue court case (April, 2005)

· GAO blasts Bush Administration for ignoring climate impacts (April, 2005)

·  EIA: Kyoto compliance would cost US only 0.15% of GDP (April, 2005)

· UN:renewables would trigger economic boom in poor countries (April, 2005)

· Rapid climate change event would decimate marine food chain (March, 2005)