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Vietnam Flood Leaves 82 People Dead

82 dead in Vietnam floods

Waters still receding, death toll could go higher


The Associated Press, Aug. 9, 2008


HANOI, Vietnam - The death toll from northern Vietnam's floods and landslides rose to 82 after 20 more bodies were recovered, officials said Sunday.


Seven more bodies were recovered in the worst-hit province of Lao Cai, bringing the death toll there to 32, said disaster official Pham Van Toan.


Four more bodies were discovered in the neighboring Yen Bai province and one more body was found in Phu Tho, officials said.


Flash floods and landslides have also claimed at least eight lives in Ha Giang province, raising the overall death toll to 82, said provincial disaster official Hoang Manh Hung.


Another 37 people were reported missing.


"The water is receding but very slowly," said official Luong Tuan Anh of Yen Bai province, where 29 people died. "Many villages remain unreachable by car."


"We expect the death toll to rise because rescue workers have just begun to reach affected areas, where communication was very limited," he said.


Floods and landslides, which were brought by tropical storm Kammuri, have battered the region since Friday night.


Authorities are rushing aid to people in the affected areas to prevent hunger.


"We have mobilized militiamen and soldiers to rush food aid to people," said Pham Van Toan.


Rampaging waters have also knocked down trees, electricity pylons and washed away houses. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate to higher ground.


Vietnam is prone to floods and storms that kill hundreds of people each year.


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At least 62 dead in Vietnam floods


Tens of thousands stranded as heavy rains threaten to push up death toll


The Associated Press, Aug. 9, 2008


HANOI, Vietnam - Landslides and floods killed at least 62 people in northern Vietnam, covering the homes of some victims as they slept in their beds, disaster officials said Saturday.


Dozens more were reported missing and officials feared the death toll would rise as they struggled to reach isolated communities. With heavy rain continuing Saturday, rescue workers were trying to move people to higher ground.


The province of Lao Cai was the hardest hit, with 25 people reported dead and 35 missing, said provincial disaster official Thao A Tua. Tens of thousands were stranded by the floods, which began Friday, Tua said.


"The death toll is likely to increase because heavy rain is still falling and the rivers in the area are rising," Tua said.


In neighboring Yen Bai province, floods and landslides killed 25 people and torrents carried some people miles from their homes, said disaster official Luong Tuan Anh. Four people were still missing, he said.


"The water and walls of mud came at night when everybody was sleeping," he said. "They could not run to safety."


Twelve people were found dead and another was missing in Quang Ninh and Phu Tho provinces, as rampaging waters knocked down trees and electricity pylons and washed away houses, officials said.

Vietnam is prone to floods and storms that kill hundreds of people each year.


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