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Storms Cut Power to 1.7 Million in France, Spain

France, Spain still shaken by deadly storms


French authorities dispatch 10,000 clean-up and recovery workers


The Associated Press, Jan. 25, 2009


PARIS - French authorities deployed 10,000 clean-up and recovery workers and Spain let evacuated villagers return home Sunday a day after deadly storms pounded southwest France and northeast Spain.


Authorities in Spain reported at least 12 deaths linked to the storm, including four children crushed as a sports facility buckled in high winds in Barcelona. In France, at least six people died  including a couple who died of carbon-monoxide poisoning from a generator they had turned on overnight in a power outage in the Dordogne region, officials said.


Chainsaws buzzed and clearing crews fanned out on both sides of the French-Spanish border as workers cut through felled trees on homes, power lines, rail tracks and roadways and took away debris Sunday.


"The issue today is to restore electricity as quickly as possible," French President Nicolas Sarkozy told reporters at a crisis response center in Bordeaux, adding that 10,000 people including rescue teams, state officials, civil security workers and others had been deployed in France.


Thousands still without power


ERDF, the Electricite de France subsidiary, said that it had managed to restore power to 600,000 customers among 1.7 million who initially were hit with the blackout Saturday. Tens of thousands of homes in Spain were without electricity.


In France, rail operator SNCF said service was gradually returning in the region. In Spain, the bullet-train link between Madrid and Barcelona was restored as debris was cleared off the track, but services into France won't resume Sunday, state rail operator Renfe said.


In Spain, aircraft battled forest fires near the eastern town of La Nucia that the town's mayor said was caused when winds blew down a high-tension power pylon in a wooded area.


Around 14,000 people that had been evacuated from several villages near the burning hills were being allowed to return to their homes, regional government counselor Serafin Castellano said.


Leisure park Terra Natura, south of Valencia, said staffers evacuated some of its animals  which include jaguars, elephants, armadillos and monkeys  from their enclosures, and hailed firefighters who helped keep away flames that had surrounded the safari park on Saturday.


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