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Taiwan Landslide Buries Cars

Landslide buries highway travelers in Taiwan

 Heavy rains preceded slide; hundreds of workers digging for victims

 The Associated Press, April 26, 2010

TAIPEI, Taiwan - An official says rescuers are searching for travelers in three cars buried by a massive landslide when a hillside collapsed in northern Taiwan.

Firefighter Tang Cheng-yu says the Sunday landslide buried a portion of a three-lane highway in rubble about the size of two soccer stadiums.

A motorist first reported the accident in Keelung. He said he made a sharp turn to narrowly escape the massive mud cascading down in front of his car.

Tang says hundreds of workers are digging around the clock with bulldozers Monday but have yet to locate the cars.

He says the landslide followed days of rain. News reports say four people are believed to have been buried in the cars.

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