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Scotland, England Hit by Early 16-inch Snowfall

Wintry weather grips Britain

Most widespread snow in 17 years; UK residents urged to stay indoors, Nov, 28, 2010
LONDON — Heavy snow was spreading across much of the United Kingdom on Sunday, with northeast  England and eastern Scotland bearing the brunt of a wintry blast.
Temperatures were expected to remain below freezing through Sunday morning, with Siberian winds making Monday's cold feel even colder, the BBC reported.
Up to 6 inches of snow was expected in parts of Scotland and 4 inches in Northern Ireland.
On Saturday, up to 16 inches of snow buried northeast England and Scotland, which the BBC said was the most widespread snow for the date since 1993. Snow also fell across parts of Wales, The Telegraph newspaper reported.
Snow also blanketed several parts of Europe, including the Netherlands, which experienced its first major snowfall of the season over the weekend.
The weather spurred cancellations of races and soccer matches. However, the BBC said Newcastle United brought in extra staff to assure Sunday's game against Chelsea would go forward.
The BBC quoted Northumbria police: "Anyone going outside should consider whether their journey is critical and if they must venture out should dress appropriately."
In Allenheads, Northumberland, skiers hoped for more snow on the village's slope, The Telegraph said. However, an Allenheads spokesman said not only was there not yet enough snow to open, but road conditions were so bad, motorists should stay away.
Skiers in Scotland fared better, with 1,500 taking to the slopes at Cairngorm Mountain Resort.
 The conditions caused numerous traffic accidents and over 10,000 breakdowns, The Telegraph said.
Flights were delayed at some airports as the snow closed runways, The Telegraph said. Lightning hit the radar system at Jersey Airport.
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