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G-8 Ministers Slam U.S. Kyoto Withdrawal

U.S. Slammed for Kyoto Rejection

The Associated Press, April 14, 2002

BANFF, Alberta –– European environment ministers slammed U.S. rejection of the Kyoto Protocol and its policies on greenhouse gas emissions Sunday, calling them political maneuvers to preserve the energy-burning American lifestyle that have nothing to do with economics.

The comments on the final day of weekend talks by environment ministers of the world's industrial powers overshadowed their discussions on how to integrate environmental issues in new global policies for sustainable development.

Host Canada had tried to prevent the Kyoto Protocol dispute from dominating the G-8 environment ministers meeting involving the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia, along with the European Union and U.N. Environment Program.

A final statement by the ministers said the environment continues to be degraded worldwide. It called for the upcoming World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa to integrate environmental issues in policies for alleviating poverty and promoting economic growth in developing nations.