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Cheney Among Members of 1998 COMPASS Group Opposing Climate Action (1998)

 The Committee to Preserve American Security and Sovereignty, surfaced during the climate debate in 1998.

According to Ozone Action, COMPASS lists several former Secretaries of Defense and other National Security officials in their organization. But in its ads,the organization which lists its address as 1002 King St., Alexandria, Virginia -- the same address of the public relations firm Kelley Swofford Roy Helmke -- fails to identify the fossil fuel affiliation of its leading members.

Richard Cheney -- chairman of Halliburton Co., a Dallas-based oil company and member of the board of General Motors Corp's Electronic Data Systems

Roger Robinson -- an advisor to Amoco

Lawrence Eagleberger -- on the board of Phillips Petroleum Co.

Charles Price -- on the board of Texaco

Frank Carlucci -- adviser to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Alexander Haig -- promoted oil company investments in China and Turkmenistan

Richard Burt -- chairman of International Equity Partners, an investment group that promotes development in emerging markets with focus on automotive components manufacturing and plastic and petrochemical products.

Caspar Weinberger -- former employee of Bechtel that had energy contracts in the Middle East and has lobbied for US access to Caspian Sea oil.

Malcolm Wallop -- vocal opponent of Clinton's moratorium on offshore oil and gas development who tried to defeat an EPA proposal on reformulated gasoline.

(When questioned about the position of COMPASS, a spokesman for the US Department of Defense said the Administration did not believe that addressing global warming constituted any threat to US sovereignty or security.)