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Coal Lobby Fights Suit Against States

State AG 'Global Warming' Lawsuit Targets Coal States, Threatens Jobs

WASHINGTON, July 22 /PRNewswire/ -- A lawsuit filed today by attorneys general in eight states and New York City targets jobs in coal-producing states and will result in dramatically higher electricity and consumer energy costs, according to United for Jobs, a jobs advocacy coalition.

State Attorneys General led by Elliott Spitzer of New York are asking that the federal courts force energy companies to cut emissions of carbon dioxide, declaring that power plant emissions are responsible for global warming.

United for Jobs co-chairman Harry Alford criticized the lawsuit, calling on Elliot Spitzer to drop the suit which targets jobs in coal-producing states. "It is noteworthy that the eight states threatening to sue rely on coal for less than 21% of their electric power, while states like Ohio, Tennessee and others targeted in this suit rely on coal for more than 50% of their electrical power. The U.S. Senate has constantly rejected efforts to drastically curtail emission because they understand

the damage it would cause our economy and that such measures have no measurable impact on the earth's climate," said Alford, who is also President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.

Independent economic studies have recently reported that plans to dramatically curtail emission of carbon dioxide would have severe economic consequences. A recent report released by the economic research firm Charles River Associates stated that mandated cuts in emissions being debated in the U.S. Senate would cost America more then 600,000 jobs and would increase electricity rates by more than 42%.

"This lawsuit targets jobs, not pollution. It is a direct attack on the economies of coal-producing states that rely on coal as an affordable, reliable energy source," said Karen Kerrigan, President and CEO of the Small Business Survival Committee and co-chair of United for Jobs.