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Chamber of Commerce Head Refuses to Accept Reality of Climate Change

U.S. Chamber President: “I don't know if climate change is real”


West Virginia Public Broadcasting, Oct. 26, 2009


In an interview with, U.S Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue refused to say if he believes the science behind global warming.


“Is the science right? Is science not right? I don’t know,” he told the political web site.


And when asked about what would happen if the EPA regulated carbon emissions, Donohue used a scatological term.


“If we got the EPA one, then we are in deep sh-- as a country,” he said. “You want to see unemployment? You will see some.”


Donohue has shrugged off some high-profile defections from the Chamber recently because of its opposition to regulating greenhouse gases.


In 2004, Donohue accepted an invitation from CEO Don Blankenship to speak at the Massey Energy company picnic in Logan. Blankenship recently has called global warming a hoax and a Ponzi scheme.


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