The Heat Is Online


This website and video talk would never have been accomplished without the extraordinary enthusiasm, patience and creativity of Allen ManningNiklas Richardson and Donnie Robinson.

Neither the site -- nor the taped talk -- could have been created without the exceptional generosity of Abby Rockefeller and Lee Halprin.  For their help and support, we are profoundly grateful.  We are also indebted to Larry Lecain for his superbly professional videography. The site itself could not  have been realized without the initial upport of the W. Alton Jones Foundation and its former director, Pete Myers.

Given the author's focus on the funding sources of several players in the climate debate, he has received queries about his own funding. Other than an initial publisher's advance for the book, The Heat Is On, the author has received three grants for the web site.  He is also a most fortunate recipient of a grant in 2001 from The John Merck Fund. All other funding has come from speaking fees and payment for articles.

Finally, this website, like the book from which it is drawn, is:

Dedicated to Thea and Joby, to Jake and Mike and Joshua , to Sahar and Hajar and Charlotte and Ruby and Sam and Eleanor and Nikki , to Ibrahim, Halim and Mohammed , to Nicholas , Ben and Molly , to Peter and Eric and all the other children who have decided -- or will be deciding -- to make this earth their home.