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Valuable Climate, Science, Energy and News Web Sites

The following web sites are valuable sources of information on climate change and related energy issues:

They are listed by category -- government sites, science sites, non-governmental organization sites, energy sites, and environmental news service sites.


Non-Governmental Organizations


Alliance For Florida's Future is the major statewide group in Florida working on climate and energy issues.

Eco-Friendly Hone Guide (U.K.)

Centre for Science and Environment (New Delhi, India): Excellent site especially for developing country perspectives on climate issues.

Clean Air-Cool Planet (CA-CP) is the Northeast's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and promoting solutions to global warming. Based in Portsmouth, N.H., CA-CP works with campuses, communities, and companies to target and implement measures that will help these entities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. We aim to provide practical solutions that demonstrate the economic opportunities and environmental benefits associated with early actions on climate change. 

Climate Concern, (UK)  UK-based campaign group, focussed on raising public awareness of the dangers of climate change, overcoming scepticism, and encouraging reductions in energy consumption.

CNE (Climate Network of Europe): This network is the European counterpart to the US Climate Action Network.

Climate Institute: Site includes information on the science of global warming, impact (by region), green energy, global warming events, publications, links, etc.

Climate Solutions: Excellent climate group based in Olympia, Washington. Especially strong on science, regional impacts and renewable energy economic opportunities.

Climate Protection Solutions: A compilation of practical "how-to" steps to reduce emissions by individuals and families, as well as commercial, agricultural, industrial and public institutions. Climate Protection Solutions

Coastal Conservation League

Since 1989, the Coastal Conservation League has been working with communities, businesses, other conservation and citizen groups, and people like you, to protect what we love about the South Carolina coast -- white sand beaches, pristine marshes, freshwater swamps and pine savannahs. Our vision: beautiful and livable communities, surrounded by productive agricultural lands and wildlands rich with biodiversity.

EarthAction is an international partnership of citizen groups created to mobilize global public pressure around environmental, human rights and peace issues. EA currently has more than 1,800 partner organizations in 150 countries. Membership to organizations is free, individuals may join for US$15/year.


Environmental Defense Fund: A rich website which includes a major entry titled "Understanding the Forecast," a virtual museum of global warming, examples of regional impacts a list of things citizens can do to reduce their own contributions.

Friends of the Earth UK: An action-oriented site that includes special reports (most recently on the environmental records of Exxon and Mobil) and pays special attention to promoting green energy use.

Germanwatch:Excellent sources on issues in promoting sustainable and climate-friendly development in developing nations.

Global Change:Large selection of links to environmental information sources, science sources and industry actors.

Global Green Deal is a "solutions"-based site that recognizes the central role of poverty in the degradation of the global environment. The Global Green Deal emerged from Mark Hertsgaard's excellent book: EARTH ODYSSEY: Around the World in Search of Our Environmental Future

Greenpeace:Details various Greenpeace Climate Campaign activities, including special reports on impacts of warming on various ecosystems and human populations.

National Environmental Trust:Excellent source for political developments, both internationally and in Congress, on global warming, information on science and impacts, and special reports on warming-related international equity issues and corporate efforts to block constructive initiatives.

Natural Resources Defense Fund:Informational updates on the status of international climate negotiations.

Public Interest Research Group: Primarily addresses global warming through domestic energy and deregulation issues such as pushing for higher auto mileage standards and improved air quality.

Sierra Club Global Warming Campaign page:Site is oriented toward citizen action in Congress to work on warming issues directly and also through legislative issues dealing with clean air, CAFÉ standards and other domestic Initiatives.

Worldwatch Institute:Home of very valuable, well researched reports on a range of subjects from renewable energy to climate change impacts on the insurance industry to the role of warming in desertification.

World Wildlife Fund: Good overview of climate issues, featuring special WWF Reports, most recent of which focuses on the destructive impacts of warming on the marine environment.

Union of Concerned Scientists: Excellent primer on the basic scientific facts, causes and impacts of global warming, with particularly good summaries of key scientific findings on various aspects of climate change.

Renewable Energy Sites

Ukrainian Biofuel Portal Wood pellets: This Ukrainian Biofuel Portal it promotes pollution from fossil fuels as well as the advancement of  biomass technplogies in the US and Europe. 

Fuel Cell Markets:  A thorough explanation of the technology and potential of hydrogen fuel cells with portals to all aspects of production, sales and use of fuel cells:,1,1.html

Use Green Power is a new website which specializes in developments in windpower -- but is rich with articles on many aspects of clean energy, climate and environmental developments.



Alliance to Save Energy:A storehouse of suggestions on how to cut energy use and waste, the site also tracks political developments in energy issues at both the national and state levels.


Alternative Fuels Data Center:Good source of information on alternative fuels and vehicles and where to get them. Also general information and news on alternative fuels.


American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy:This site specializes in consumer information on energy efficiency (e.g. guide to green cars and trucks, consumer guide to home energy savings, etc.)


US Business Council for a Sustainable Energy Future: Tracks developments in the renewable energy industry, especially as it relates to the ongoing international climate negotiations.


Electric Vehicle World (EV World):Provides regular updates on the progress of solar-powered and other alternative-fuel powered vehicles.


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN)

The Home Power site is an extremely valuable resource for anyone interested in using solar power, fuel cells or other renewable technologies for their own homes.


National Renewable Energy Laboratory:This site contains information about renewable energy and breaking news and technology about renewable energy (particularly solar power).


Rocky Mountain Institute: Excellent material on how to reduce energy use through a myriad of efficiency strategies. Features a section of FAQs which is quite extensive and very ccessible.


Solstice Site: Site for Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST). Information on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable planning, featuring atabase of more than 2500 energy efficiency and renewable energy annotated web links.


Tellus Institute:A rich source of information on various aspects of energy policy and trends and large-scale strategies to move toward a high-efficiency and renewable energy diet.


The following sites provide excellent resources on specific renewable technologies: American Solar Energy Society:


American Hydrogen


American Wind Energy



Environmental/Climate News Sites


Environmental News Service: www.ENS

Grist Magazine:

Planet Ark:

ENERGIES: (renewable energy developments):


The Weather


General Climate-related Search Engine.

Climate Ark is a new search engine providing a host of links to sources of research, energy conservation, renewable technologies and forest preservation. The site allows full text searches of leading research and activist web sites.

Eco-Portal -- The Environmental Sustainability Information Source, is a rich, new site which debuted in June, 2002. It has 3,000 environmental links and is divided into the subject areas of Sustainability, Ocean, Air, Water, Land and Regions. It also has a special section on environmental economics.

Government Sites (see also Science Sites below)


EPA Global Warming Site: Excellent primer on the science of climate change and the roles of various institutional players. Site details impacts of climate change in various areas of the

UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: The UN site on the climate change treaty negotiations.

The "Earth Talk" site, inaugurated in early 2004, promotes global ecological sustainability by enabling communication connections between those working on behalf of forests, water and climate.

"365 Ways to Save the Earth," by Philippe Bourseiller (Harry N. Abrams, 2006)   a magnificently photographed book with 365 suggestions for ways individual citizens can act to minimize the impacts of global warming.

Science Sites

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Site: Official site of the IPCC, a body of more than 2,000 scientists sponsored by and reporting to the United Nations. provides excellent summaries of the findings of the IPCC. The section of the site titled, "Scientific Facts on Climate Change and Global Warming", is organized into 11 basic questions about climate change, is written for non-specialists and provides three levels of increasingly detailed renditions of IPCC findings. The site is created and maintained by the Brussels-based GreenFacts Foundation:  

Center for Health and the Global Environment, Harvard Medical School: A project of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School, examining the public and ecological health impacts of El Nino events.

The Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment is an excellet one-stop source of scientific information on a range of atmopsheric issues, including air quality, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion.

Goddard Institute for Space Studies: Features pages on climate modeling, climate impacts and forcing, and effects of warming on agriculture and other areas -- with reports in accessible, non-technical prose. See for a strong rebuttal by Dr. James Hansen of some of the more prominent "greenhouse skeptics."

HEED: Site devoted to health, ecological and economic impacts of global change, focusing on impacts of changes in the oceans on human and marine ecosystem health.

National Climatic Data Center (of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration): The NCDC is the government's biggest repository of US weather data, including information about extreme weather events. NCDC is the source of a number of landmark climate studies by Tom Karl, David Easterling and others.

National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration: An excellent site for overview information on climate-related atmospheric and oceanic research and information.

U.S.Global Change Research Program: The web page of the largest US Government Agency on global environmental change (the US Global Change Research Program) Very good resource for the basic science of climate change and a host of high-level scientific databases.

World Meterological Organization: Good resource on global weather patterns, including El Nino and La Nina.


Laboratory for Coastal Research / University of Maryland: Specializes in information on sea level rise.